Poetry Of Life

Our life in essence, is a metaphor. We live our lives so contradictory to our beliefs, and we don’t really even realize it. Like me, I love school, but can’t wait for it to end. I want to be at teacher and a career woman, but fully believe in woman staying home. I love camping, but stay home and read.

When I first started taking this class, I literally had NO idea what was in store for me. In fact, I was scared, because as good as I am at computers, I had never experienced most of any of the technological strategies we have learned in class (another life metaphor)! I wanted to conquer my fears, yet in my mind, I was thinking, RUN!! See what I mean, we contradict ourselves all the time.

Do you suppose that this is something to remember when your teaching? Students might say one thing, and mean a completely different idea. Then again, do you think that us as teacher can be contradictory? Yes, most definitely. We want to tell students one thing, but sometimes it comes out in a different meaning, or a meaning that could be taken many different ways.

I have done some reflecting on what life poetry is, and it’s something that’s so common, and yet so unknown, that we don’t realize how beautiful it is, and how much we can learn from ourselves after searching for our life metaphors. I invite you to check out my quick presentation of what I think, I have found out about myself.

https://app.emaze.com/@ACZIRQOR/presentation-name?autoplay<a href=”https://www.emaze.com&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”//resources.emaze.com/mypres/css/images/embed.png” alt=”Powered by emaze” style=”margin: 5px; border: none;”></a>

I challenge you to think of your own life poetry, write it down, make a technology presentation and then archive it. Go back to it someday, and see how much you have changed and grown!


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