Finished Learning Project

I have finished my learning/sewing project. I have had a long journey, and have had some struggles and some successes. I had a hard time getting motivated to do the project, the beginning was the hardest for me because I had no idea what I was doing. Then, as I progressed through the project, my morale picked up, because it was starting to look so good!

The best part of this project, for me, was seeing the finished product. Going through all of my struggles, and then seeing the end product. I also really enjoyed the fact that for the most part, I learned to do something on my own. I can literally say, “I did that” and I did a really good job on it!

Learning how to do this project has done so much for my self-esteem. If I can teach myself to do something, I have more confidence in being able to teach my students topics that I have researched and discovered as well. I can also help model for student,  what it means to learn, and the pay off of your achievements.

Photo CC by: Anthony Carter

Sometimes, I think the biggest questions students have in school, is “why am I learning this, and when am I ever going to use it?” Well, I can honestly say I asked myself that a few times going through this project. Why on earth did I choose to do this? I’m probably not going to be doing it forever. Pointing out to students that what we learn isn’t always about retention of the material, but of the fact that we are learning how to learn, so that we can eventually take those learning strategies and research our interests or find what we need to learn for our careers or family life.

Of course, all material we learn in school is vital for living. However, I think that teaching students the skills to think critically, be open minded about learning, and have the motivation to learn. I think that this comes with seeing what we are capable of, and seeing that we pushed ourselves to learn and to achieve all that we have, causes us to push the limits and keep on going!

Photo CC By: Christian Hellmann

I hope that I can use this to help my students understand, and push their own limits of education. I want to give my students projects like this, so that they might see their achievements, and boost their morale to learn in school. This way, they will not only be learning, they will be succeeding!

I added a Ted video on Procrastination, this is something I have had to fight really hard this semester. I feel that many of you could relate. Thank you for reading my blogs through this journey! Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Finished Learning Project

  1. Great blog! And congratulations on your finished project! I finished my ILP about 2 weeks ago. I hae to say that it was quite the challenge as well. Especially, since this was brans new for me and i had not idea what i was doing.But once my product was complete, i was so happy and excited, and of course, proud of myself for accomplishing this. When we actually try our best, anything can be done! Since i finished my project early, i decided to start a new project. To learn how to crochet a scarf.
    Love the TED Talk video! PROCRASTINATION is a “disease” most of us suffer from, i know i do!!!


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