Finding New Learning Tools

This week I did some research on some new learning tools for the classroom. I found one called Piktochart, that you can visually represent an idea or topic on just about anything. I really enjoyed using the program, in fact it is very simple to use once you get it figured out. It also has a tutorial with it that kind of guides you through it. I really like when programs incorporate instructions, if your like me, you can’t you figure out all of the cool different thing’s that you can do with the program, unless you see it.

Here is the Piktochart I made, on my learning project, and the steps I have learned that you have to take to make a quilt.



</div>(function(d){var js, id="pikto-embed-js", ref=d.getElementsByTagName ("script")[0];if (d.getElementById(id)) { return;}js=d.createElement("script");; js.async=true;js.src=" embed.js";ref.parentNode.insertBefore(js, ref);}(document));

I think that it’s a great program for visual learners, and I will definitely use this as a graphic organizers for my future classroom. I think that this is a great way to visually represent any lesson that you could think of. The best part of this, is that you pretty much have to only put the main details, or the most important information on this visual. There is no room for much more.

However, I think that this is really good for special needs students especially. They can scan over the summery of what you discussed in class, and master the main points, or what the need to know for standardized testing. We also know that when information is written down in small parts, it is easy to group, and retain that information in the brain.

I don’t know about you but I personally learn more if I can see a step by step process laid out for me, in order to better understand it. I could remember it better if I can visually try to remember it, taking in the pictures and comparing it to what I know, and using it to help understand new information. I think that this will be great for my students as well.

If you are interested in using Piktochart, here is a great little tutorial for you to go by. I found it to be pretty simple. You can change any background colors and fonts to fit your needs. You can also make printouts of this, so that you can give them to your students for easy studying!

7 thoughts on “Finding New Learning Tools

  1. Awesome blog. I focused on canvas. I incorporated a lot of pictures from my independent learning project. I tried clicking on your piktochart, but i dont think its working properly. It just keeps saying, downloading….
    Im a visual learner myself, in order to understand and retain information better, i have to see an example and see a picture along with it.


  2. I like that you found something similar to the tools offered and did your own thing. I also liked that you put in the tutorial video because then it not only shows how to use the site but draws attention also.


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