Social Media Activity Log

Photo CC By: Syed Ifran

So, in a recent blog post I wrote, I talked about how much time I spend on social media. Well, I kept track for five days of how much I actually used social media, what devices I plugged into, and how long. Check it out!

Session/Day 1:

March 29th 2016

Physical Space/Device Description: I am in my room, on my laptop, and my phone. I am on my online classes, making a presentation through Google+. At the same time, I am using my Google talk app on my phone to ask questions, it is much faster than typing it into my computer.

Duration: I was doing this for about four hours. It took a long time to finish my homework.

What Occurred: I did use my time productively for the most part. However, while I was using my phone for homework, without really even realizing it, I was getting notification for Facebook, and for Twitter, and I would frequently get on to check to see what they are, and reply/comment to them.

Session/Day 2:

March 30th 2016

Physical Space/Device Description: Sitting on the couch during dinner time, on my phone, on Facebook, just scrolling through my timeline seeing what other people have posted.

Duration: 30 min.

What Occurred: No talking, ate way to fast, and learned unnecessary information to my life.

Same Day–

Physical Space/Device Description: At the bar with a couple of friends. On my phone, checking Facebook once again.

Duration: 20-30 min.

 Same Day–

Physical Space/Device Description: On my phone checking social media, have my computer open checking email’s and have my Hulu on catching up on my favorite TV show.

Duration: 1 and a half hours.

Session/Day 3:

March 31st 2016

Physical Space/Device Description: Sitting in my room, working on homework, have my phone next to me (glancing through emails as they are received, along with Twitter and Facebook notifications). I also have the TV on, during all of this.

Duration: 2 hours

Session/Day 4:

April 1st 2016

Physical Space/Device Description: I am working on homework, which involves typing on the computer and Tweeting for class. I am also watching TV at the same time. Then checked my email, then Facebook, and watched TV some more via internet.

Duration: I spent about 5-6 hours total.

Session/Day 5:

April 2nd 2016

Physical Space/Device Description: I am blogging in my room, with my Twitter open.

Duration: about 2 hours.

Oh my Goodness!! After looking this over and recording my times this week, I realized how great I am multitasking! However, I should not be doing this in front of my family. Although most of my family members use some type of media during our dinners, if we were all to stop this, I think we would be more emotionally and spiritually connected to one another. I do not really spend as many hours as I think each day on media devices, maybe it seems so long because it’s after work hours. However, it does consume all of those after work hours, and then I don’t have as much time to spend with others, nor do I have time to do other things that I would much rather be doing.

However, actually most of my online time is working on homework, and that it important (can’t really unplug for that). My hope is that eventually, when I get my degree and no long have to be SO plugged in and involved in social media interactions, I will be able to take a step back from it and spend time on the things that I do want to do after work, and not feel the stress of my phone constantly sending me alerts.




One thought on “Social Media Activity Log

  1. I like that you completely explained the activity; how it happened, time etc. I also decided to do a log. It’s crazy how much time we spend using technological devices, like im right now!!! Lol


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