Letting Loose the Reign’s on Social Media

Adding to the long time debate of whether social media is beneficial or not, how long has it been since you’ve been on some type of social site? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest

Photo CC By: Sean McEntee

, Instagram, or what have you? Well I can honestly say I have been on each, switching them up for about nine hours out of my day so far. My social media day starts right from the moment I get up, checking all of my notification’s and comments or likes on my posts, to see what new boards have been created. I bet you do the same! Then I get online to my Google accounts and do homework for HOURS at a time.

I literally live in an online world. Everyone says it’s addicted, and you know what, they are right! It is addicting, I get bored. I mean, I have to do something during the commercial’s on TV, right?! So, I get on one of these and check things out, scroll through and see what my friends have posted, laugh at the meme’s and then be done. But I do this at least 6-10 time’s throughout my day. My family get’s irritated because I’m not present, my significant other get’s annoyed because I tune out important conversations. When does social media start to become a problem?

Photo CC By: Jason Rhode

I recently watched a Ted Talk on unplugging for a year. What you should and should not let go of, when it comes to all of our technological devices, and what happens when you do unplug. Paul Miller dropped it all, and he became more aware of what was around him, he filled his time that he usually spent on social media, creating thing, using his brain power to benefit others. He was more present emotionally and socially in conversations, and found out who really would reach out to him as friends, when he called instead of instant messaging.  He found out what really matters, and found out who he really was as a person.

I can honestly say that this year more than anything, I found out how social media can really mess with your life. One post or share can cause you to loose those people who are really close to you. I have gone through and deleted anyone from my friends’ lists that I feel aren’t close to me. I don’t need to view their unnecessary posts and comments. I only care about those people who do call to check on me, and those who do make an effort. I feel like I was involved in all of these other people’s problems, and it was unnecessary thoughts and stress, like things that I shouldn’t even know.

Photo CC By: Anthony Stone


I have unplugged from media, and started writing, and focusing my time on my school work, reading a book, finding out career information, making a resume, etc. I have made more time for me and for those people in my lives who truly matter. However, I still do check social media far to often, it’s exhausting! Sometimes I think our lives would be so much easier without it.

I also read a blog about what we can do help ourselves cut down on our device usage. There are many of those I could not complete. I would never delete my Facebook completely, because I do have family that live far away that is much easier to stay connected with through Facebook.

However, I do feel that if we cut back, like WAY back, than we might find ourselves using more of our brains for positive improvements in our lives and with our relationships and I think THAT, is the essential point of unplugging. (But it’s so hard!)


4 thoughts on “Letting Loose the Reign’s on Social Media

  1. I got rid of my facebook app, but still check it twice a day. I only got rid of it becasue i was done with all the notification that i got. They would distract me becasue i would check them and not do what needed done. Great blog post!


  2. Wow great blog and very informational. With so much technology, we definitely depend more and more on it. We have come to the point where we feel we cant survive with out it. But if we stop and think about it, it is totally the opposite…


  3. Great post! I am like you and I tend to be online a bunch! I just have high anxiety about my grades and getting emails from teachers about homework. When school dies down I will be able to disconnect from the online world for awhile.


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