Digital Activism

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We always hear that social media is what is ruining today’s youth. Kid’s nowadays are spending hours upon hours on social media, and some of that time causes problems with other kids such as; cyber bullying, constantly posting pictures of oneself and relentless re-posting of memes and GIF’s. Think about this, what if kid’s spent time posting and re-posting, to support a common cause and to stand up for their beliefs. What if they used it to be kind to each other, instead of put others down? Well that’s exactly what some young teenagers are beginning to do.

Teens are speaking out on social media about what is happening in their schools, hometowns, and nationwide. I think more than ever right now, teens are getting involved in the Presidential race. They are researching what a good president might need to be successful, and they are sharing their thoughts and ideas with friends on social-media. If you need to know anything abut social-media, is that everything posted on there can spread like wild-fire. Once one person see’s an activist post, they do their own research and post their own thoughts and feelings, and it goes on and on and on.

Photo CC By: Becca Peterson

With the wide reach of social media, these important people begin to take a listen of what these young people are protesting about, and they do something about it! Pretty cool huh?

I myself have felt the need to get involved in the politics of our country right now, because it is so detrimental that we take interest in the going’s on of our lives. We need to make a stand to change nutrition habits, healthcare doctrines, cabinet seekers, school activities and budgets and so on.

As much as I want to put my phone down, and stay away from social media, it IS like an addiction and it does become hard to spend less hours a day away from it. However, we can use it to stay informed, speak our minds (appropriately) and stand up for others thoughts and beliefs.

So should we be teaching our youth

to stay away from the gadget’s and gizmos? Or be showing them more productive use of their screen time? As a teacher, I have been told by other teachers the amazing effects that using social media in the classroom (and teaching students the appropriate use of it) has done wonders on student moral and learning. However, I just don’t know if I can bring myself to start this with my students. At what point do we get our students to go to a school board meeting to speak out? Or go to a county board meeting? Or rallies for activism all over the world? Shouldn’t we get kid’s out and about sharing their thoughts as well?


2 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. I would have to agree with you Corinne, teens are super active in the Presidential election this year. I don’t know if I was too young, and not into the slowly developing social media scene to notice involvement in the previous election or if it truly has escalated. In the future I foresee teen involvement to continue to grow and expand as technology only gets better!

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