Back at My Independent Learning Project

Photo CC by: Carolyn B

I actually worked a lot on my quilt over the spring break. I didn’t measure the quilt quite right, so I ran out of cut out strips to sew together, for the 8″ blocks. I spent hours, I mean HOURS on cutting out a ton of strips so that my quilt looks more conformed. I also sewed the quilt “strips”, which consist of the 8″ square blocks (made of the strips I cut out), ¬†altogether. So now everything that I have sewn so far, is one big piece of quilt!

I did this so that I can kind of lay it out easier, and see how many more strips of blocks I need to sew together to finish the whole top part of my quilt. The next step for me to take was to start to pin together the strips that I am going to sew.

Honestly, I learned a lot of patience this week. I need to slow down, and not try to hurry so that my quilt looks like it has quality to it not just “slapped together”. So the two hours a week that we are supposed to be working on this project, have turned into about two hours or so a day, just because it does take a lot of time for it to have that quality look, and everything matches up uniformly.

Photo CC By: Josie Ray

There were a few strips that I did sew together, and I sewed them on backwards. So…I had to go back, and rip each stitch out of them (which takes WAY longer to do this than it does to sew it), and then re-sew them together…the right way. Ugh!

Something else I learned this week is that I had wound the bobbin (the string inside the sewing machine that attaches itself to the needle’s string so the stitching is tight) in my sewing wrong and, the string was knotted. Well, that kind of ruins the material a bit! So, I YouTube’d how to wind the bobbin correctly so that it wouldn’t get twisted up, and this helped me big time.

I cant wait to get some more time to work progressive this next week, to finish the whole front of my quilt. this way I can quilt the back on and then all that I will have left is the hard part- figuring out what edging to put on the quilt. I have done a lot of research on what I think looks best, or what might be better for an intermediate sewer. I just can’t decide yet!


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