What Technology has Taught Me So Far

Photo CC By: Colette Cassinelli

At first when I was told I had to take a digital literacy class in order to get my degree, I seriously had no idea what to expect. Just the term “digital literacy” itself, was not in my vocabulary. I have to say so far, that I have had a lot of fun learning new ways to use technology for my classroom! I probably NEVER would have started a Twitter account, which is one of the requirements, to tweet weekly, for the class. I thought Twitter was overrated and only used by those who wanted to keep up on the new celebrity problems. This class has most definitely met my expectation, if not completely altered them!

I think probably my favorite module/experience so far in this class, has been working on our independent learning projects, and blogging about them. I’m pretty sure you all are completely annoyed that I go on and on about sewing, of all things. I am getting obsessed with sewing and quilting and am constantly learning more and more about what new projects I think I will have to start this summer! You don’t imagine taking on projects like this as learning, you are just doing it for fun, but after reading the article, Mind Shift, it’s important to stop and reflect on what your doing, and what your learning from your situations.

I have also really enjoyed watching and learning about Ted Talk videos. I had never heard of them before, and I use them all of the time in other classes, or just to listen to on those days you feel you need a pep talk! I can’t wait to show them to my students, in hopes they will help them with some of their own problems. I have particularly enjoyed watching the ones on how teachers can improve their classroom, and how we need to help our students learn how to learn on their own, and use creativity to achieve learning, and life goals.

The only challenging thing in this class, has been to step out of my horizons and actually make this Blog, and my Twitter, and post actual aspects and ideas that pertain to something valuable. I think that most of the time, when I’ve used social media other places, it’s just been posting GIF’s or  re-posting meme’s. I had a small world view of what social media could do, and I think I got to see the big picture this way. Also creating a Vine, was completely out of this world for me but, I did it!

I hope to learn more, new ideas and ways to make my classroom better by learning and teaching myself how to use all of these new technology resources. I’m excited to get started with another challenge we are doing, the 30 Day Challenge, where I will start something new. I’ve done all of these new things, so why not keep the ball rolling!



6 thoughts on “What Technology has Taught Me So Far

  1. I agree with you that I have been stretched in my comfort zones with blogging and tweeting. I am glad I was because it has helped me to see what I have been missing out on.


  2. Another person who had not used twitter, my situation aswell! Although, I have to say now I have a different perspective than I did before beggining this class. This class has had many challenges for sure. And the ds106 module has been one of them for me. A total challenge in every perspective. Especially, drawing, writing, speaking, etc.


  3. I love your positive attitude! I, too, was surprised once I began to investigate how social media could be leveraged for learning. It’s now the space where I learn most–because I follow great educators who share so many interesting things with me!


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