Sewing, Sewing, Sewing

Well this week my project was kind of mundane. NOT very exciting at all! I had to do dirty work, sewing together the little pieces into blocks that are 8 x 8. In order to move forward with my quilt I had to get this done, then next week hopefully I can get the rest of my strips sewn out. The next step will be to sew all of the strips together, to make the top of my quilt whole. However, for right now it is very time consuming to sew together each individual strip, to make it one whole block!

I have learned a lot while doing this project. For one, I have learned that there are MANY different way’s to express your artistic side, not just though paper and a paint brush. When you are quilting (or whatever your desired task is) you can do it in whatever pattern you want. You can make it whatever colors you want, it’s basically all up to you! Either way, you still get your desired goal in the end. I think that this is how we should teach our students to learn, we can make our own decisions and the possibilities of how to get there are endless.

Photo CC by: Bustle and Sew

I have also learned much patience. There is a lot of thought and math put into making a quilt. You have to make a plan so that everything comes out precise, otherwise you might not get the ending you desired for! Also, when you are stitching you cant just hurry through it, you have to go slow, and really look at what your doing, in order to get the best look for your quilt. We can also apply this to teaching our students how to learn. You can’t hurry through an assignment and put in answer’s that you think that might work, you have to think about it, research the topic, and then use critical thinking in order to come to a desired result. If you put in an answer off the top of your head, you get a bad grade, because you haven’t actually learned. Kind of the same as your learning project, don’t you think?!

I have been researching other project’s to sew now that I have some better abilities with actually sewing! I thin that when we teach our student’s we can gain their interest in a topic that they might not have thought interesting before, and when they do gain interest, they keep on learning! Same with my project! Check out this video, some of my research!



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