Starting a PLN

PLN’s or Personal Learning Networks are a new found glory to me! It can be blogs on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook, that teachers share about new and awesome resources and idea’s they have found, to better their classroom. This week I have found many great people to follow, and learn ideas that they have found successful in their classroom. In fact I probably went a little crazy adding all types of people using the #PLN on Twitter, many great people with certifications such as PhD’s and Doctors in the education field.

Here is a link to a great article on why it is a great idea to set up a PLN if your an educator.

The great thing about having a PLN is that I can add my co-teachers on my PLN as well, such as Twitter, and have them add my blog, or even encourage them to create their own blogs as well. Then I can take all the new information that I am learning found these astounding people, and share it with my friends as well so they can learn a thing or two. As teachers we have to be constantly looking for new information to make our classroom’s better. Teachers don’t always have a lot of time in the day to stop and discuss all the new technology or ideas we have found, but we somehow do make time to check our social media accounts, and THAT is where we can quickly share thoughts and ideas, in a simple easy to manage form!

Anyone can join your PLN, so you could have educators from all over the world come check out your blog, or your videos and even follow you on Twitter! Obviously all teachers have different ideas about how to make their classroom better, so why not share with each other!

I found particular interest this week in watching some seminars that were posted via Twitter. Also, I love bringing creativity and art’s and crafts into my classroom, and I found many that had quick pictures and instruction’s to grab my attention and check it out. So many of them were really easy to follow, and even explained what type of learning my students would receive for doing such an activity. Check out this website for ideas on starting your own PLN: The Educator’s PLN.

If your looking for someone to follow on Twitter, I suggest adding this man. Excellent Professional resources and advice! Here is an example of his work.



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