This week I spent quite a bit of time working on my quilt. I have made considerable progress on it. Last week I had all my pieces cut out and had started sewing my blocks together. This week, I started to sew all the blocks that I had sewn together into strips of blocks. You do this so that it is more symmetrical when you sew the quilt together as a whole.

Holy cow! I tell you what, it takes a lot of work to sew together a bit quilt. This week I think I spent more time threading my sewing machine, and the “bobbin” which is the thread that is under the sewing machine. The bobbin thread sews the the top thread to the bottom thread to make the stitching more heavy duty.

I also learned that you can change the sizes of the stitches that the machine sews, so if you want the stitching to be really tiny and look very neat you can do that, or make it big if you want the stitching to look more like it was hand stitched. I do the smaller stitching. However, you have to pace your foot pedal (the part the runs the machine) because if you go to fast the machine will pull your material through very fast, and you will lose hold of it! Yea! This happened.

After that happened it made my patched block crooked so I had to take this little tool called a “seam-ripper” and take out all the stitches so that I could redo it. Lesson learned.

Seam Ripper Photo CC By: Chris Taylor

I measured how many 8 X 8 blocks I would have to sew together to get the desired width of the quilt. I just laid the whole strip I had sewn together out on my queen sized bed to see if it spanned the length. It did!

Then I started sewing together a bunch of blocks the same size as the one I laid out, and I made considerable progress on getting many strips sewn together. Right now I have to sew some more 8 x 8 blocks together to make some more strips. But by laying everything out I have a way better idea of what I’m doing and what my next steps are going to be.


So, next week I will have to sew some more patch blocks together, which I will probably sew a bunch of blocks, and then work towards sewing more, whole, strips! Stay tuned!




6 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Nice job. I can not sew to save my life, not with a machine anyway. I am actually pretty good with free hand though. It is interesting to see the different independent studies the class came up with. I am also enjoying seeing the progress. The vines will be interesting to watch. I am not excited about filming myself lol.


  2. Corinne,

    Great progress on your independent learning project!! It is looking fantastic! I can’t even imagine the patience it takes to complete one of these–so kudos to you!! I can’t wait to see the finished project!! Keep working hard, and plugging away–you’re a lot farther along with your project than I am with mine!



  3. Corinne, great job! I know absolutely nothing about sewing, so your post was really interesting for me to read. Like Chandra said, it probably takes a ton of patience to do what you’re doing, so keep it up. Looking forward to more of your posts! Josh


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