Learning How to Learn Project

Everyday we learn something new, whether it be how to change a light bulb, cook a new dinner, or even mend an old blouse. How do we usually figure these things out? Well you see there is a part of our brain that runs off meta-cognition. This is learning, and being aware of learning, and how the human learns. A lot of learning going on!

I decided I wanted to teach myself how to teach myself something new. I am going to foster my own meta-cognition! To do this I have decided to teach myself the art of sewing. By doing this, my first project is going to be a scrap quilt. I chose this as my project because my mother, and my grandmother have been great sewers, and I would like to carry this art onto my children as well.

Photo CC By: plainsanter

It’s really important to keep learning, always. I think that we have to do this by researching new and interesting ideas. Sometimes it’s not always easy to think of new and interesting ideas, but in the ever changing world where there is more technology for this type of thing, we can find all kinds of things! It’s important to teach others to do this as well. Read a new book, find a blog about it, see what other people think, partake in intelligent conversation, this is what keeps our minds alive! There is always room for improvement in that brain up there!

As a future teacher I think it’s really important to keep learning information to pass on to our students. Scientists, researchers and doctors are always finding new ideas and new ways to learn and do all kinds of things! It’s important we teach our students on HOW to research and learn new important ideas. If we find something we are interested in we should pursue it, and keep learning all the facts, we could become masters!

Photo CC By: RubyBlossom

Well as a teacher, I vow to keep learning how to better my classroom, and my brain, to help my students to do the same! I have an undying love for finding pin boards, it’s such an easy way to look up information and it categorizes it for you, and shows you pictures and quick excerpts on what the journal is about. I think this is where I am going to start to research my sewing project!

Someday I will have this project to share with my students as an example of how to keep up the learning even when your all grown up! (Well, sort of.)



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