Bringing out the “Hacker” in Me

It seems that people don’t strive for education anymore. They don’t try to learn something new or take the time to research a subject that they might be interested in. The way I see it, everyone has some type of interest, but schools don’t teach us HOW to teach ourselves new and important ideas. I think it takes a person with an open mind to pick up a book that might be different then what they would normally read, or look at a pin board or a blog with some neat ideas that they normally wouldn’t experiment with. I think that’s what teachers need to be teaching in school, “open-mindedness”.


We need to be teaching students how to find resources on their own, to look for new and different things, to make and create something different and unique. I think school’s need to bring more art classes, more music classes, and home economic classes. Bring back the shop classes, and teach our youth something worth really learning. It’s important to learn English, Math, Science and History. However, at what point to teachers just keep repeating the same information over and over. Teach them how to “hack” new information, that is relevant to the information they already know, but finding information that pertains to their life, or their dreams and desires.

Photo CC By: Charles Doble

Hacking isn’t always a negative term, it’s a general term to represent finding new and innovative ways to accomplish a basic task. After reading Centering On Essential Lenses, a blog by Bud Hunt, on the ways to introduce Hacking to schools, I have many questions as to what I, as a teacher, can do to help my students hack their lives. In my desired field, Special Education, we hack-school each and everyday with those kiddos! We always are trying to find a creative resource to use to teach with, someday’s it comes down to putting a stuffed monkey in front of your face and talking as if you were that monkey to teach the ABC’s! We hack technology, to find ways that children with disabilities can be incorporated in everyday classrooms.

Sometimes special education teachers teach general education classes as well. For awhile I worked with high school sophomores in English. Something I love about English class, is that you are essentially hacking all the time. We teach students how to find their own books in the library, where they might find other books in their interest category outside of school, and to find meaning within the text.

Photo CC By: SunChild57Photography

I feel like reading is the most important hack that a student can do. We read to find out new information on a topic, and find some shred of meaningful information that we can apply to our lives. This information, in order to be hacked, is finding new ways to do something that we have never done before, or something that we have, but are trying to find a different way to do it. We can do this by having an open mind which may in fact be our hack, this is what we need to be teaching to our students!



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